Been a while, or?

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Random interesting fact to non-German speaking people . . . it is quite common to end a statement that could be true or false with an “oder?” or “or?”  This is most commonly used as a substitute for the Canadian “Eh?” or the American English “right?”  It is used when wanting to make sure that the person you’re speaking to agrees with what you are saying, i.e. You went to the movies and saw that new film, Spider Man or?  This never sounds good in English nor would we consider it good grammar but it is used ALOT in German.  I quite often have middle school and high school students use it as a direct translation from German.  It has become a bit of a pet peeve of mine . . . or?  

So . . . it has been a while since we last updated this. What with life with two young children, doing my masters, writing the usual monthly newsletters (which have been not-so-monthly as of late), church activities, and visitors we have been very busy in recent months and really this past year.

That said I would really like to write little snippets of life here occasionally amidst he craziness of everyday life. Blogging, like learning a new skill never comes easily for me.

That said, I am starting a new semester not only of school at ICSV but also the fall semester at Luther Rice where I am in the second to last semester for my masters studies.  It is the hope that I will be finished with coursework and able to graduate this coming May 2014.  This depends on if I complete the 4 courses I have left.  My usual course load is 1 course in the fall and Spring semesters and then 2 at the summer term.  In order to graduate in May I have to complete 2 courses this fall and spring.  This is only really possible because of the condensed courses LRU offers that basically cram 15 weeks worth of work into 8 week mini terms.  I am very thankful for this option and hoping that it will not overwhelm my life this year.  

Tobi is entering into his last year of Kindergarten (read Pre-school) where they will get him ready to enter school next year.  We are looking at all of his options including ICSV, of course, and another Bilingual school option (German and English).  Please pray for clarity for this important decision.  We do not take it lightly and look forward to how it can grow him as a person!

I’ll try to update again soon, but who knows . . . see ya when we see ya!:)


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Welcome back to school, back to blogging, back to life . . .

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Wow, it has been WAY too long (over a year) since we have updated here. I’ll try to get better with that . . . we are starting our orientation week this week and start with kids on Tuesday . . . praise God for another year to serve at the International Christian School of Vienna, praying to be in step with the Lord the entire way!:)

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Austrian Social Medicine System . . .

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I have been wanting to post something about this for a while now, but can never find the words.  I think that Medical reform is big now in the states so I think many of you that read this could certainly benefit from hearing our experiences here in Vienna.

To start off, if you are not aware, Austria has a sort of hybrid of a social medicine system.  I think that a straight up social medicine system is where the doctors are paid by the system and this makes it so that the doctors get paid by the socialized medical insurance company this usually being a government run agency.  This allows the individual the peace of mind of knowing that they can walk into any doctor’s office and get the care that they need.  Now obviously this has advantages and disadvantages.  Austria has such a system in which there is socialized medicine, in our case run by the WGKK, Wiener Gebieten Kranken Kasse, or Viennese Health Insurance Company.  WGKK issues eCards to anyone that is legally employed in Austria and that means that all normal health care is covered.  This means that any sickness is something we can at least go to the doctor for as long as they take eCard.

Austria also has  some doctors that are only for private patients, usually catering to the international clientele that have private insurance companies.  This is what we used to have when we were covered by RCE’s insurance.  Now we are fully on eCard which means that we have all of our basic needs covered if we decide to go to your average everyday, run-of-the-mill doctor.  Since we need one that will speak ENglish our choices ae much slimmer as most doctors, though they almost certainly have a working knowledge of English, do not always have the desire to take English-speaking patients, so that is always a concern seeing as how our German is not that great.

Now that we have had our second child and had both of our little boys in the hospital all on eCard, the Socialized medicine system, I can say, without a doubt, that Austria has a great system for health care.  That doesn’t mean that there can’t be problems with it, but every time we have needed care it has been first rate.

One big difference I have found is the whole mindset about whether or not to call an ambulance or not for certain things.  In the States . . . one wouldn’t even think of calling an ambulance unless you are unconscious and even then some people might wait until they regain consciousness to decide knowing full well that the charges for the short ride to the nearest hospital would be astronomical and most likely not covered on insurance.  Here on the other hand, it is pretty much assumed that you call the ambulance if you have an urgent health need at any hour.  Most likely, once the paramedics arrive you will be taken to the hospital to be checked up.  If the problem is bad enough you may be admitted at once for an over night stay or a week long stay.  We experienced the peace of mind that this provides when Tobi and Izaak both woke in the middle of the night exactly a week apart with severe breathing/asthmatic symptoms.

In Tobi’s case the paramedics took me and Tobi to the nearest hospital all courtesy of eCard.  Upon arrival a doctor looked at him and released us in about an hour.  In Izaak’s case, a week later, he was admitted so that the doctors could keep an eye on him due to his being barely 3 weeks old at the time .  In both cases we were not made to feel bad for calling the paramedics and were even told that we had done the right thing.  In both cases, eCard covered EVERYTHING . . . we haven’t paid a cent out of pocket.  The monthly “premium” comes out of our “paycheck” every month and that covers our whole family.

That about sums up our experience with socialized medicine.  Tobi was in the hospital in Czech for a week a while back and that was a TOTALLY different story that I will leave for another time.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this little bit of our socialist life!:)

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ICSV Art News . . .

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I wanted to post about an event that I have been so fortunate to be a part of the planning an organization of.  The artist mentioned in this article lives in Czech in Bety’s hometown and I approached him about possibly doing an exhibit in Vienna at our school as a fundraiser for our school Arts programs and also as a way to encourage him in his professional life as an artist.

Vitali has been very gracious and has offered us an original painting to auction off as a fundraiser.  I have basically been in touch with Vitali and his wife Svetlana to make sure that our school’s and their expectations are met.  I am very excited about this event and it has been amazing to see it come to fruition.

Thinking inot the future, if this goes well, we will hopefully try to do other such events to raise needed funds for our school.  I am very excited about being a part of this effort.

If you’d like to see more about the event see the Austrian Times article and if you’d like to see more of Vitali’s artwork just visit his website at: http://www.komarovart.com

Your continued prayers as we continue to organize this would be greatly appreciated and if you have any ideas or know any artist for future ICSV supporting exhibits please let me know!:)


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Good bye 2010, hello 2011!:)

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Saying good bye to 2010, and greeting 2011, there are many changes here at the Reynolds’ household.  The biggest being we have transformed from 3 into 4 as of December 25, 2010.  I brought Bety and Izaak home from the hospital and that makes us a family of 4 now!:)

While it is said that March sometimes comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb . . . we would say that 2010 went out like a lamb and came in like one as well.  The past few weeks have been really interesting in the sense that we have been so busy with things connected to Izaak’s birth that both the celebration of Christmas AND New Year’s were affected.  I told Bety last night that in some ways I feel like we did not celebrate, but then again what better way to celebrate a new year than to receive a new son!:)  Izaak is a real blessing to us.  He only seems to want to voice his opinion when he is either hungry, needs to burp or needs a diaper change.  Even then, it isn’t more than a quiet squeek to let us know that things are not as they should be.  He is a joy.

Tobi seems to be taking this new adjustment fairly well.   We have been warned ahead of time that we need to be on the watch for him doing things to his newborn baby brother . . . but so far we leave the room for a minute to come back to such dangerous things as Tboi kissing Izaak’s head, and Tobi trying to play with trains with Izaak.  One can tell watching these two that they will get along great when they are older.  Tobi is in dire need of a playmate . . . he was trying to bulldoze Izaak the other day . . . thankfully Izaak was sleeping on his little rocker bed and Tobi pushed the whole bed, not even waking Izaak.

All-in-all I am extremely blessed to be in ministry where I am.  ICSV has been great about letting me have some time at home to help Bety fully recover before going back to school and being gone all day.  January 10-14th I will have “Paternity leave” and will be at home with Bety.  We may be visiting the offices in Vienna making sure that our son is documented where he needs to be.  This will require us visiting 2 embassies/counsolates and at least 2 individual Austrian offices.  Granted all of this running around for paperwork does result in our receiving the “familienbeihilfe”, and “Kinderbetreungsgeld” two financial ways that the social system here in Austria helps us due to the fact that my wife is an EU citizen and consequently our sons are too.  so, this year os promising to be one of improvements and we look forward to all that our Lord has in store for us this year.  We are also very much looking forward to how He will choose to use us this year in the ministry at ICSV.

We are very thankful for your continued prayer and financial support, without both of those we would cease to be affective here in Austria.

The Reynolds: Brian, Bety, Tobi and Izaak

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Izaak Benjamin Reynolds was born Christmas day!

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Download our birth announcement in PDF form from the box.net space to the right.  Just click on “Izaak Birth Announcment Final.pdf”

We are so excited!:)

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Day by day . . . plus December Newsletter . . .

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Every day brings us closer to seeing our next son!:)  In some ways I cannot wait, but in others there seems to be not enough time left to enjoy just having one child.  Big changes ahead!:)

On another note, our December Newsletter was mailed out a while ago and is now available for download in the left-hand column from box.net.  Feel free to download it, but if you would like to be added to our monthly newsletter list just let me know then you’ll get the Newsletter hot off the press.

Bless you guys!:)

Brian for the three of us.

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Announcing my “Artist” blog . . .

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I have had a blog where I put all my thoughts on art, art making, my “professional” artwork and so forth.  It is constantly under construction so you should check back often.


If you have any ideas of how I could improve the blog, just let me know.  I can always use the feedback.  Bless you guys!


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Thanksgiving Vienna/Europe style . . .

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We had a great time at our Thanksgiving celebration despite Tobi and Bety being under the weather . . . here is a great blog post done by our friend whose house we had the celebration at the day after Thanksgiving.


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Commitment Card and EFT Forms now available for download . . .

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Hey all,

I just wanted to post a quick entry to let you know that there are many ways now that you can send financial support our way towards the end of this calendar year.  One is the traditional, write a check with our missionary number on it and send it to RCE, the second is to go to the RCE International website and pay via paypal directly from the website.  This is totally safe and is a new way that you can help support us.

I would also like to add that you can easily download and print out our EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) form and our commitment card from the “Box.net” in the upper right hand corner.  Just print them out fill them out and send them to RCE.  The EFT form is if you would like to become a monthly supporter and don’t want to have to remember to send a check each month.  The commitment card is just for us to keep a record of what you are committing to donating towards our ministry.

We do hope that each and every one of you are experiencing our Lord’s grace anew this day.

Blessings from Wien,

Brian for the 4 of us!

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