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Random interesting fact to non-German speaking people . . . it is quite common to end a statement that could be true or false with an “oder?” or “or?”  This is most commonly used as a substitute for the Canadian “Eh?” or the American English “right?”  It is used when wanting to make sure that the person you’re speaking to agrees with what you are saying, i.e. You went to the movies and saw that new film, Spider Man or?  This never sounds good in English nor would we consider it good grammar but it is used ALOT in German.  I quite often have middle school and high school students use it as a direct translation from German.  It has become a bit of a pet peeve of mine . . . or?  

So . . . it has been a while since we last updated this. What with life with two young children, doing my masters, writing the usual monthly newsletters (which have been not-so-monthly as of late), church activities, and visitors we have been very busy in recent months and really this past year.

That said I would really like to write little snippets of life here occasionally amidst he craziness of everyday life. Blogging, like learning a new skill never comes easily for me.

That said, I am starting a new semester not only of school at ICSV but also the fall semester at Luther Rice where I am in the second to last semester for my masters studies.  It is the hope that I will be finished with coursework and able to graduate this coming May 2014.  This depends on if I complete the 4 courses I have left.  My usual course load is 1 course in the fall and Spring semesters and then 2 at the summer term.  In order to graduate in May I have to complete 2 courses this fall and spring.  This is only really possible because of the condensed courses LRU offers that basically cram 15 weeks worth of work into 8 week mini terms.  I am very thankful for this option and hoping that it will not overwhelm my life this year.  

Tobi is entering into his last year of Kindergarten (read Pre-school) where they will get him ready to enter school next year.  We are looking at all of his options including ICSV, of course, and another Bilingual school option (German and English).  Please pray for clarity for this important decision.  We do not take it lightly and look forward to how it can grow him as a person!

I’ll try to update again soon, but who knows . . . see ya when we see ya!:)



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